Writ Large


I write about Disneyland, diaspora, doppelgängers, Tamil poetry, the Trans- Siberian railroad, church and state, conceptual art, house music undergrounds, aspirationally B-movies, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. My essays and cultural criticism appear in publications like The Washington Post, n+1, The Baffler, The Point, The Believer, frieze, BOMB, The Georgia Review, and others. I’m mostly interested in associative connections between philosophy and the everyday textures of life.  Also Kierkegaard.

I am represented by Julia Eagleton at Janklow & Nesbit.

I’m currently working on essay collection called Unhappy Mediums. Among things that move me: Soviet cinema, third world feminism, religion, psychoanalysis, and the nature of representation in politics and in art.

I’m in training to become an analyst at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies.
In a previous slice of this life, I did a Fulbright in Vladivostok, Russia (и постаянно скучаю по русскому языку), and graduated with degrees from Oxford and Princeton. These days, I live in New York.

You can email me at: <shivani[dot] radhakrishnan [at] gmail [dot] com >

I tweet, occasionally, from @shivnotshank.

April 2021


Writing in the feminine. And on a colored sky. How do you inscribe difference without bursting into a sesries of euphoric narcissistic accounts of yourself and your kind? Without indulging in a marketable romanticism or a naive whining about your condition? In other words, how do you forget without annihilating? Between the twin chasms of navel-gazing and navel-erasing, the ground is narrow and slippery. 
- Trinh Minh-ha, Woman, Native, Other
I am a Ph.D. candidate in social and political philosophy at Columbia. My academic work is in political philosophy, especially questions about the social conditions on individual well-being, Aristotle, German critical theory and the metaphor of a sick society. My dissertation will be partly about what it means to act against one’s true interests, and looking at combining both subjective and objective conditions for what this might mean. My committee includes Fred Neuhouser, Joseph Raz, and Katja Vogt. I’ve recently been thinking about legal epistemology, false consciousness, ideal theory and utopianism.

I’m also interested in a tradition of critical social philosophy that runs through Aristotle, Said, Nandy, De Beauvoir,  Minh-Ha, Fanon and BR Ambedkar among others.