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I’m an experienced editor of academic book manuscripts, dissertations, fellowship (and other) applications for academics and students at Harvard, Swarthmore, Berkeley, Humboldt, and more. I’ve also helped published writers of trade books. 

Manuscript Consultation 
For literary fiction/nonfiction writing projects you’d like another set of eyes on: 

Option 1 
Read manuscript, 3-4 pg critique letter about overall impression 

Option 2
Read manuscript, 6-8 pg feedback letter, specific comments including structure, flow, character development, time-handling and other aspects. Will provide examples of clear/unclear descriptions and strategies for fixing, plot points to help better develop the text.

Option 3
Read manuscript, in manuscript notes using track changes (roughly 4-5 notes/pg). Includes prose adjustments such as strengthening and weakening verbs, as well as more general structural comments regarding flow, character development, time-handling, and other elements of the essay (light copy edits). 


For more information on general editing, or manuscript feedback and letters, queries, and to get in touch regarding pricing, please email firstname.lastname@gmail.com, would be happy to set up a 15 minute phone chat to tell you about the process and to support you in your writing practice.

Advance Reading Copy
Laconic, 1987

Sail/Waves 1 — postcard design

Let Perish the Money Tyrants
Peace to the Cottages —
War to the Arts Council


the young novice at the tea stall
has taken a vow of silence

when you ask him a question
he exorcises you

by sprinkling dishwater in your face
and continues with his ablutions in the sink

and certain ceremonies connected
with the washing of cups and saucers

from Arun Kolatkar’s “The Railway Station”